Daily performance

Roc-Ket is offering customized Solutions for emission-free logistics which supports to bring Your good portfolio to the markets

  • Production of high-end CARGO Bikes and CARGO Trailers
  • Beta-Testing of existing CARGO Bike & CARGO Bike Concepts
  • Project management & Concepts covering CARGO Bike tasks
  • Optimization of Your (extended) supply chain
  • Research & Development of city logistics

City-Hub: Freiburg Inner-/Old City and Region

With our CARGO Bike fleet we are able to supply within the inner city and directly to Your customer

  • per Kilometer (dispatches into the outskirts)
  • per hour (rent a CARGO & driver)
  • per package (up to 250 Kg in one shot)

Development of logistics systems

CARGO Bike Concepts incl. Boxes (Thermo-, Solar-, other Specifics)
Fitting best to individual needs.

Hub-Service: Express, On-Time-Deliveries, Pick Up, Warehousing, B2B, B2C: We take over responsibilty in Your last mile!

Solutions for Your special Applications: short track, just-in-time, logistics on and between independent facilities